Why Each Zodiac Would Get Evicted From ‘Big Brother’



You’re outdoorsy and adventurous, so you would be considered a physical threat. Everyone would worry you’d win endurance competitions, so they’d cut you sooner rather than later.


You would be a meh player. People wouldn’t mind keeping you around for your cooking and cleaning skills, but you would get evicted due to some ridiculous twist. You’d basically be expendable.


You would be the rat of the house. Once everyone realized you were passing information around and turning people against each other, both sides of the house would want you gone.


You would stick up for a friend who started a fight — and end up getting dragged down with them. Your big heart and extreme sense of loyalty would be the death of you.


You would get into a screaming match with another player over something mundane — like washing dishes or replacing toilet paper. Living in a house with so many other people would drive you crazier than the actual game.


You would be a comp beast. You’re too much of a perfectionist to throw competitions, so everyone would realize you’re a huge threat right away. You wouldn’t be able to hide it.


You would be in a showmance by the first week, so everyone would want to break you and your partner apart. Of course, you’ll care more about the fact that you found love in the house than the fact you’ve lost 750k.


You would get blindsided because you’re too trusting (and have a big ego). You wouldn’t see your eviction coming. You would feel completely comfortable until Julie read your name.


You would get caught backstabbing your alliance members and completely lose their trust. Everyone would accuse you of playing too hard too fast. But you came here to play the game, not to make friends.


You would be the mastermind of the house — but as soon as people caught on, they would all be gunning for you. You would be the leader of the house one week, and the house target the next.


You would be quiet and keep to yourself. As the loner of the house, you wouldn’t be in many alliances, so no one would have a real reason to keep you around.


You would be called out for floating because you’re friends with everyone. You would try to stick with whoever was in power, but everyone would catch on soon enough.