Why Do We Love Things That Aren’t For Us?


Isn’t there a right way to find that someone?
aren’t there rules for the body to follow even when the heart cannot, or regardless of whether the heart wants to give in?
aren’t there things we must never ever give in to because it may cause misery and hurt and brokenness and irreparable damage to something so much deeper? can’t we just hold it in and wait patiently?
can’t we just trust that the best will come and the best will be the one who does it right?
why do we allow ourselves to believe we deserve anything less than that?
or to believe that the person we supposedly love and who loves in return would deserve or require anything less than our best?
why do we continually choose speed and passion gratified over righteousness, hard earned and hard-to-do respect and sweet patience?
why is there no value in ‘taking things slow’ and too much abuse in ‘let’s hang out and see where this goes.’?
why is waiting underrated while physical companionship and social status are over-glorified?
why do we rush into things and flee far far and away when our hearts get burnt in the quick fire?
why do we beg for things that aren’t for us? if you ever need to beg, that person is not worth it, and that person you want..is probably not the right person for you.
why do we merely settle for what’s available but not look forward to what God can bring to fruition, and trust in His timing?
why why why why is love so damn confusing and messy and burdensome, and why do we have such few examples to look up to? what can we do? really, what can we do other than to go along with the tide?
what merit is there for us to go with the tide? what are we looking for, what do we want? what are we made to enjoy?
Isn’t there a right way to find love and be loved?