Which Secondary Friends Character Are You?



God life is absolutely beautiful isn’t it? Even these words you’re reading right now just bring light to your eyes. The comfort of reading this from your smart phone, computer, or ipad is just so great isn’t it? Wow technology can be so fascinating! You go to the Grocery Store and my goodness! Everything is so perfectly placed you could just take a mental picture! *Click*

Yes you got it; you’re Parker! Phoebe’s short-lived handful of delight!


You’re the perfect boyfriend, not only do you protect your partner in the bedroom; you also protect your partner in crime. While you are the perfect gentleman, you don’t mind getting a little frisky at times in the right setting. Determined to get what you want, you rarely ever give up, but you’re a little forward at times in the process. Oh, and you don’t really respect living creatures.

You guessed it, you’re Gary; Phoebe’s love, until you shot that bird in the face.


You have good intentions, honest! You’re not unfortunate looking, but your confidence could mask any flaw anyone else thinks you have. You’re loud, obnoxious, and you can’t seem to understand why people squint every time you laugh. Despite the fact that your voice could cause any living being to surrender, you have a big heart and OH MY GOD your passion for your partner is so strong.

If you haven’t figured it out already, you’re the lovely Miss Janice.


So you’ve had a crush on someone for a while… maybe a long while… and you get to watch her all the time! You’d appreciate her; you know you could make her happy if only she’d notice you, and even though you seem unnoticeable, you get to work with the love of your life, for a bit. But behind all of your bleach and awkward stares, your heart is in the right place.

So you, with hair “brighter than the sun” are the lovely Gunther of Central Perk.


Ugh what on earth is that noise! The neighbors are so loud aren’t they? You can’t even listen to the sound of your clock ticking as you stare at the blank TV reminiscing on the good old high school days. It’s okay though; your collection of junk in your house comforts you and keeps you busy as you wait for an opportunity to do something with your life. It isn’t a lack of motivation, you’re a very interesting person but the chemistry between the world and yourself just isn’t right.

So pound on that ceiling with your broom Mr. Heckles!


Okay I’m not going to lie to you; you’re pretty weird. You like mature women, watching things melt, and maybe you’re not the smartest person in the world but you find love. But you don’t just find love with one person; you have love with your family that gives you the gift of your own family.

Despite having love and support in your life, you never stop being yourself, which is a very naïve man, but at least you have a weird sister too Frank.