Where To Meet Men In NYC


I was having a minor inward battle with myself in regards to whether or not I should try writing about eyebrows or men, but with my in depth research adhering to the latter, I’ve seceded and accepted defeat in the matters of facial hair. (For now).

It’s a new year anyhow, and new times call for new men. Which begs the reoccurring question that once again emerged over lunch today with my girls – where are you supposed to find men in NYC? I mean, it should be a relatively easy question to answer. There’s over 8 million people in New York City, so over a few hundred of those must be men. Right? RIGHT?!

Well, yes. Obviously. But it’s not the matter of how many, per say. It’s the matter of where you find them.

According to my friends and I, the worst place you can meet a man in New York City is a bar. Which is slightly ironic, because most of the time you go to bars, it’s with friends…to meet people. But the men my friends and I meet in bars end up being air conditioning salesmen who say they’re realtors, Irishmen who are actually from Nebraska, frat boys who work for T-Mobile, etc. If you’ve lived here long enough, I’m sure you have your own horror stories.

So nixing that, please refer below to the best crafted list on where to meet a man in NYC.

1. The book store.

Any book store would do, however The Strand would be pretty romantic if you’re not being trampled by Russian tourists or foreign language NYU professors/students. You accidentally knock over a book, and then VOILA ! a perfectly scruffled well read good natured man reaches down at the same time you do to pick it up. Of course he was checking out the best poems of the 20th century at the same time you were. Fate.

2. The laundromat.

At first glance, not as romantic as it seems, however…not entirely unrealistic. Late night, steady hum of the machines as background music as you try not to make eye contact with the cute guy reading a book across the bench from you. You accidentally drop your last quarter under the machine and he comes to your rescue. You wash, he folds. Happily ever after.

3. Yoga class.

I’m not entirely convinced about this one, partially because Bradley Cooper went to meet Scarjo in her yoga class to cheat on his wife (movie, not real life kids), but I’ve kept it in mind. Who wouldn’t want to meet a zen, flexible guy? You can probably picture several scenarios as to how this would go, and most certainly, all of them end with a wonderfully sung namaste.

4. The grocery store.

Fairly similar to the bookstore scenario, only replace book with quinoa.
Oh my god…you like the same brand of quinoa as me?! Bam. Love forever.

5. If all else fails, choose and follow.

According to my boyfriend, if all else fails, you should just choose someone on the street and follow them. Eventually they’ll end up somewhere similar to the aforementioned places. Drop something in front of them, and if they’re a decent enough human being, they’ll have to help you. It worked for Elle Woods’ friend…it can work for you.