When You’ve Spent The Last 3 Months Pretending College Isn’t Moving On Without You


Dear College,

I spent the last three months pretending that you weren’t going to move on without me. I truly convinced myself that either I would go back, or you would be unable to continue without me.

After seeing countless social media posts, I know I was wrong. You’re starting this all over again with someone new. After giving me the best four years of my life, I can’t help but look back on it with fondness and also some remorse. I knew it would have to end eventually, or at the very least, change dramatically. I even knew when it would all come to a halt. It doesn’t always help knowing something is going to happen though.

You were there for me when I didn’t know anyone else. You provided me with things to do and lessons to learn every step of the way.

I remember my first weekend with you and how I wanted to give up. I remember finding the courage to stick it out, only to fall in love. I remember when you gave me my first friend. And plenty more amazing ones to follow. I remember the first time you let me drink too much. I remember the first time you had nothing for me to do and I had to figure out how to be alone in a new place. I remember when I knew you were the one.

It was an eloquent mixture of good, bad, and ugly for four years. You showed me love, loss, pain, joy, and loyalty. You let me feel and experience everything only to become the almost-adult I was meant to be.

I know all things must end, even you, which is why I had to write this. I’m letting you go now. Well, I’m trying at least.

I will be back, but it won’t be the same.

I really hope you find someone new to take my place. In fact, I know you will. But they better treat you right and not take you for granted. You deserve nothing shy of the best from someone because you will give them more than they could ever know how to thank you for.

Goodbye old friend.


The Graduate