When You’re Not Ready To Let Them Go


It sucks when you’re not ready to let go.

When you hung onto something for so long, when you’ve cried so many times over this person, when you’ve felt completely affected by everything and anything this person does. As time passes, you start to feel as if you are deeply connected to this person, and to this feeling. You daydream and make up scenarios in your head of this person coming back into your life for good, but deep inside you know that it isn’t right.

It’s unfair to wait for someone who clearly is not interested. You have so much love in your heart to offer, so many laughs you want to share and the real and genuine desire to love someone else, and have that person love you back. 

Forget about all of the what ifs, forget about all of the could have beens, and start being happy with what you have now. Look back and be happy that it happened, because everything happens for a reason. Maybe in that moment in time you needed that person to come into your life and make you feel whole again, but now you must learn to live without that.

Because you deserve to feel love for yourself, you deserve to love every inch of your being.

And you must work on your flaws and correct them in order to reach true happiness, and holding onto something so heavy, is holding you back, it’s making you blind to new opportunities. Relish the memories, put them in a safe box, lock it, and throw it away until you are ready to experience those memories again without them affecting you this deeply.

If you had to write a letter to the person you were then, what would it say?

Here’s what mine would say:

You’re about to experience the weirdest, happiest, and saddest moments of your life so far. You’ll fall for someone too fast, you’ll give up the very thing you’ve always thought was saved up for someone special, for this one person that you feel was the thing you’ve been waiting for your whole life.

Enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t last for long.

You’ll soon realize that this person was merely a passenger, he won’t text you, make any type of contact with you, and you’ll feel completely ignored and thrown away. You’ll feel like you won’t ever feel attracted to someone again, you’ll feel sadness like never before, and you’ll experience your first heartbreak. It won’t be easy, but it will make you stronger. I promise. I love you.