When You’re Hurting, This Is For You


I know life gets hard sometimes. I know there are days when you feel like are standing in the eye of a hurricane and there’s nothing you can do to find a way out. I know there are times when you feel like you’re lost in the big vast sea and the shore is nowhere to be found. And it’s right there when you are at your lowest low, when are you seeing your entire world fall apart before your eyes when you begin to wonder what the point to all of this is. Why it has to hurt like this. Why life has to feel so heavy on your shoulders. There are going to be days when the whys will break you and leave you searching for answers that are not there. I know it feels like you will never make it out of the darkness. I know it feels like you won’t survive. But trust me, somehow, you will. Someone very wise once told me, “It is an ending, but it’s not the end.”

Hang in there. Because I promise that one day, not too far from today, the air you breathe won’t feel like fire entering your lungs anymore. One day you will only see this moment as a lesson. A distant memory that doesn’t weigh you down like it used to. Yes, you’ll have some scars but they won’t hurt. They will just be there to remind you that you survived every single battle you thought you couldn’t.

One day you will wake up wrapped in that warm cozy feeling that for the first time in a very long time, everything is okay. You will stand in the balcony of the apartment you always dreamt of having and you will see the sun rising and you’ll breathe in the pure air of the young morning, and for once, you will be there, with nowhere to run to and nowhere to escape from, because for some strange but beautiful reason you just know you’re exactly where you are meant to be.

One day you will wake up and realize that you don’t break as much as you used to. You are stronger than you’ve ever been in your entire life. And that day you’ll come to terms with the fact that in the end, it was everything that made us fall that taught us how to fly.