When You’re Finally Ready To Move On And Not Look Back


I can finally breathe easy. My chest is no longer engulfed with anger. The thought of bumping into you in public no longer scares me. I’m capable of mentioning your name without being bitter inside. It finally feels good to say that I’ve moved on and truly mean it.

After months of struggling to keep my mind sane, I am out of my comfort zone; doing things I thought I’d never achieved. When moving on is the only option left, I learned to cultivate a new routine. I turned the pain and anger into something more productive. It took courage, love and a long period of self-healing to be where I am right now.

I still think about you every once in a while. I’d wonder how you’re coping with work and school. I’d wonder if you’re still thinking of me. There are times I’d want to share stories with you but I’d realized that you’re no longer my go-to person. The realization doesn’t upset me for I’ve come to terms with the present.

There are places and songs that still remind me of you. There were times I smelled your perfume on someone else. I’d be walking down the street and I’d swear I saw someone that looks like you. All of these triggered our memories together but I’m no longer devastated.

Our journey ended so we can find ourselves again and discover new things on our own. Hence, it isn’t a loss after all.

You were the support system that I needed at that particular point in my life. We were not meant to stay in each others’ lives but those years taught us a lot about ourselves. The relationship brought out the best and the worst in us. I choose to keep the good memories we’ve shared together as a reminder that even though beautiful things exist, nothing is ever permanent.