Life Is Full Of Hardships, But You Will Overcome Them


No-one is left happy, when the mud begins to crack,
When your shoulders are cut open by the straps across your back

You will walk the miles to water, to fill up with promised life,
To find nothing waiting for you, at the end of all the strife.

As you fall onto the ground, the dust can barely spare a mote,
But the clouds they gather for you and then suddenly they bloat.

With the fury of the ages they will drench you to the bone,
You will smile at all the effort, at the crops that you have sown.

That your kids will not go hungry when the plants begin to rise,
At the smiles and joy and laughter that will always reach their eyes.

Now you push yourself away from the earth that will consume you
And then step-by-step return to a family of make-do.

Where the softness of your heart and the warmth within your soul
Mend the tragedies of living, patch the pain and make you whole.

With the confidence and wisdom of a life through hardship won,
You will tell how love and family can turn the dark into the sun.