When Your Heart Yearns For Peace Then Blank Is Good


So you think you have it all figured out. You know what happiness is, what freedom is. You believe that death has a meaning, and you make your own definition of it. Your likes and dislikes have their own places. “Did you read this book? You didn’t! It’s a must read!” Is it really? You eat the things you like and despise the things you choose. Oh, the things you hate, aren’t they just convenient for you. Hate the government, hate politicians, hate the neighbor and hate vendors and hate that dog. Hate things that are untouchable, and love things that are near. You have it all sorted out. Neat and clean.

I say you give it all up. Forget the theories you have and not make them anymore. Just don’t define your life, don’t justify your thoughts and don’t force introspection. Seems too calm, devoid of any purpose? Alright. Now strip yourself of all sense of purpose. Better? Not yet! Stop thinking then. Yes, don’t let any thoughts come to your mind. Be blank. Blank is good.

Yes, blank is good.

You know that moment when you are driving back alone, starry night and cool breeze flowing, but you cry? It makes no sense, and the person driving in the car next to you is alarmed. You cry because you feel stupid. You don’t fit in. You can’t stay out. Stuck in this confounding whirlpool of people and places, you give yourself so many reasons to smile every day, and only in one small dark moment, the sense of reasoning takes over you. That moment is precious, because you reach ground zero. It is here when you will see how clever the world is, and how foolish you have been. This isn’t baseless. No, this is not a outlet of a quarter life crisis. What I have here is a declaration.

Blank is good.

If our definitions are true, and they can give direction to a person, why are we still searching? As unbelievable as it may seem, our entire purpose of defining things, working, living, is all to love. That is it. And when we don’t have a specific way to love, why do we have specific ways to live? You travel because you love it, you swim because you love to, you eat, sleep, fart, bark, climb, scream, fuck, jump, slit, flick, kiss, tear, burn, burst, all because you love to. No reasons for those, just a small simple answer to ‘why’. “Because I love to”.

It really is that simple, and equally puzzling. For we all wish to love, and desire to be loved. Yet people feel alone, not all, but some are. They don’t know what they want to love, and they don’t believe they need to be loved back. They attempt to go with the flow, be casual, and yet walk alone, feeling unsatisfied. We spend hours trying to connect with someone, to make a bond, to sculpt a meaningful relationship. There is an undeniable need for companionship, and all our pursuits revolve around that. Even in solitude, we look for a companion in ourselves. Our lives are meant to be shared. Thus, it deeply disturbs me to know that despite a massive world population, in spite of a large number of people wanting to love, we are not being loved. We are being used or tolerated. A room full of people looking for love, and ignoring what could be right in front of them. The hunt for love becomes our reality, and we forget that the destination is not the concept of seeking love, but to finally be in love. Lonely people everywhere, so much love to give, nobody to wait, no takers. The whole world needs love, and it all boils down to compassion. It doesn’t make the slightest difference if there is life after death, or if the soul never dies and forever lights the world. Nor does it matter if you call freedom the final stage of a life. The reality is that there is a dire need for compassion, to desire love, desire affections and to go find them. We deserve love, and it is for us to give love.

So keep your definitions of life, freedom and happiness to yourself. Because they don’t work, or else there would have been a happier world, more loving and more considerate. And if you believe your ideas to be true, then share it with the ones hunting for it. We are all seekers here. But alas, this crisis will be buried in some corner of the internet, the world will spin by and I shall continue seeking. When this continues to bother you and you realize that you are too selfish to share your perceptions with the world, afraid to be proven wrong or just plain lazy, go blank. Because only then will you be able to live with yourself. But before that, for the final time, you are a selfish human, and you are not doing enough to make the world a happier place.

Now be blank in peace.

featured image – Howard Lake