When Your Best Friend Leaves You


It is one thing to have a best friend. It’s another to have that friend also be your roommate. You’re no longer just friends. You become something of a family. And when they have to leave for three weeks in the dwindling time you even have left together, it becomes a very sad sad day.

With this absence, I lose a partner-in-crime, a drinking buddy, a snap chat best friend, movie marathons, late night revelations, a telepathic partner, a confidante, a news source, a personal life and gym coach, a cuddy buddy, a sous-chef, a mother and so much more. However, this absence only reminds us what it means to have friends like this. It reminds us how special these bonds are and the importance of these people in your life. It’s these kind of friends that know you better than you know yourself. Its these kind of friends that remind you that you deserve better when you need to hear it, and know when to keep their mouths shut when you need to figure it out for yourself.  It’s these kind of friends that are by your side without ever having to ask. It’s these kind of friends you know were meant to be more than just college roommates, but lifelong friends.

As they embark on this journey on their own, you understand that this is only the beginning. That soon enough, we will each begin our own path in pursuit of fulfilling our own unique desires and dreams. With graduation fast-approaching there are only a few more times where we can spend entire Sundays lying in bed watching Disney movies (Frozen), talking endlessly about boys, discussing future wedding plans, contemplating our futures, while not giving a fuck or understanding how close that future really is. But that future is the scary part. We’re being tossed into the world (and by world I mean moving back into our parents houses looking desperately for jobs) like a chicken with our heads cut off, not knowing what to do next. And not only will it be the first time in your life you may not be returning to school, but it will be the first time in a very long time that this physical separation between you and your friend is more than just temporary. But again. It’s these kind of friends that you know were meant to be more than just college roommates. They were meant to be lifelong friends. So no, I’m no longer that sad you’re leaving, because I know it’s not the end, but only the beginning of what’s to come.