When You Want Something Badly Enough, It Will Find Its Way To You


How many nights and mornings did you spend hoping for things that have not happened yet? How many times did your mind wander to faraway places, to fresh faces, to exciting new experiences and big dreams? An endless list of mini wishes, hopes, thoughts for the world and yourself that you hope you’re going to be lucky enough to find in your tomorrows. A tomorrow that you hope the world may be kind enough to give you.

I would like to believe that the universe is on our side and that no hope or dream is too much or too big to ask for. Dream, hope, wish, and ask for what you want. It is your right as a human to want the best of the gift of life that’s been given you. It is your right to want to feel and experience the world with such profoundness, love, ambition, lessons, and accomplishments. Never forget that.

Yet so many people come to a point in their life when they feel undeserving of what they yearn for, undeserving of that sweet image they created for themselves in their daydreams. Maybe you have got too many no’s in your face or too many detours that are pushing you away from your desired destination. Maybe you feel that the right person hasn’t showed up yet, or maybe money is stressing you out. Whatever it is, I completely understand. Sometimes life becomes harsh; sometimes you wonder if it is ever going to happen or if, by the time you reach your destination, you’ll be able to even fully enjoy it without an ounce of bitterness and exhaustion.

However, many of us also forget that a lot of what we asked for and wanted in the past has been manifested, whether it was a trip, a work opportunity, a meal we were so badly craving, money, or a warm friendship. Take that as a token of hope for all the no’s you get.

For all one knows, maybe what you want shouldn’t have a certain timeline. Maybe what you truly want will show up when you’re completely ready to receive it. When you’ve done all the internal work to be able to sustain and make it grow. Maybe you are going to receive it when you are ready for it to stay and not just for it to pass you by like a breeze of fresh air for a split second.

Maybe what you truly want will show up when you become crystal clear about your aspirations and why you want them. When you’re sure that it’s not what your parents, society, or friends want and expect from you, but rather what you deeply want when all that’s filtered out. When you have a reality check that what you want is actually good for your well-being on all spectrums. When you’re not too afraid of your desires and when you feel deserving of them. When you put in the emotional and physical work needed. When you reach a point where, if the opportunity were to present itself to you, you will be able to stand like an unshakable mountain and accept it with grace.

Perhaps the universe has been on your side all along. Perhaps you’ve got all the resources to walk right into your daydreams, hang out for real there, and get exactly what you want. Perhaps life is just trying to prepare you for it and carve the road that will shape you up for every step of your journey. But you’ve got to be responsible and try to take each let down, each disappointment as a silver lining, as a stepping stone and a catalyst for improvement. It’s your responsibility to forgive, be kind to yourself, and move forward. It’s your responsibility to never give up on what you truly want because as long as you’re alive, tomorrow has the potential to be better.