When You Stop Looking For Love, It Will Find You


We’ve all been there or felt a particular yearning for love and wondered when we would have it. But the thing about love is it will find you when you are casually going on with your life, minding your own business, happy enjoying yourself. Love will stumble across you and be stunned and awed by every component of you. Love will move with purpose and in earnest just to be in your presence—just to bask in the glow of your smile and the ever-enveloping warmth of your heart.

Love will sweep in unexpectedly in places you never knew to look. In the eyes and the arms of someone you never really knew you were waiting or longing for. But once it finds you, it will be an unstoppable force—a massive, life-altering impact on all you used to know and be.

Love is sometimes quiet, and sometimes it is loud. It makes a commotion and it comes bearing the gift of peace. When it finds you, it will be as easy as breathing; it will be as jovial as a flirtatious giggle. It will sneak in and sink into all your vulnerable spots, seeping into you like the rays of the sun and cause a bloom. It will water and nurture your soul, fusing together all the broken bits of your wounded heart.

Love, when it is unmistakably real, pure, and true, will endure past distractions and mistakes on your collision course with its real form. There will be no denying it. There will be no more questions. You will be sure. There is a level of comfort when love presents you with a match—a partner—that lands firmly in front of you with the clear intention of only wanting to see you smile, to see you happy, to see you grow and thrive. Love only wants to see you at your best and brush away your tears with the pad of its thumb at your worst. It loves all the fragile, intricate parts that make up you.

Love will find you when you least expect it. And it will change you. It will surround you in its aura. It will provide you a suit of armor camouflaged in the embrace of a lover’s arms. Love does not come to make you half of a whole. Love takes two wholes and multiplies them. Love magnifies what is already there.

So stop looking and pining for love, because love is on its way to you. This particular love was made for you and you alone. It is yours. And it will find you. It will find you when you are casually going on with your life, minding your own business, happy enjoying yourself. We tend to find the very thing we are looking for when we stop searching for it.