When You Realize He’s The One


When he makes you forget all the philosophy you hold, when he makes you laugh and all you want is play and adventure, he is the one.

When he makes you feel like the stars are alive again, when he makes you see colors brighter and more saturated, when he makes you hear the song that the universe sings, he is the one.

When he has dominance that makes you forget all the rules you learned, when your body opens for him like a gateway into heaven, when all you want is to scream yes when he holds you, he is the one.

When you find yourself reinventing yourself, holding space for him like you never have before, when you find yourself nursing his wounds and carving art out of them, he is the one.

He is the one who will leave you heartbroken, who will leave you sobbing with scents of his fragrance taking your breath away. He is the one that will leave you searching for healing in books. You will hold those books with gentleness and read them intimately, wishing it were him.

He will be the one to have left you with no solid meaning, just like a puzzle blown away by the wind just as you were about to formulate a picture. He will leave you wondering what you could have done better.

It says nothing about you, but everything about him. “The one” is the one that you shower your love with. It is the love you gave him that completed you, the love you ordinarily keep hiding.

Bathe yourself in love, remembering that you are the first and final prize. Thank the boy for being the one but numbers are infinite. After he leaves, make yourself the one and let everyone else take second place.