The Excitement Of Meeting Someone New


I’ve always placed chemistry at the top of my list when I meet someone. Is it possible to meet someone for the very first time and just click?

Actually, with him, it wasn’t just a click, it was more like church bells were clanging violently. It was deafening, in a good way, but it was terrifying at the same time.

I always ask myself these questions when I meet someone with whom I have a really strong chemistry with.

(1) Why did God place this person in my path?
(2) What lesson am I supposed to learn from this person or this experience?

I always pray so hard that this person will not hurt me, not break me, not destroy me emotionally. Life just surprises you doesn’t it? One day you’re really happy just spending Saturday nights painting and writing and the next you’re spending it lying on your bed staring at your ceiling and you swear you can see his face staring right back at you.

To think that just a week ago, you never knew his existence. He was a nameless and faceless person to you, but now he’s in your mind when you wake up in the morning and he’s the last person you think of before you go to bed at night.

You become glued to your phone to check if he’s texted you and you keep scrolling down your WhatsApp chat with him and rereading everything with a silly smile on your face, making you feel like an infatuated sixteen year old.

You can call me an impossible romantic, I’ve always envisioned adorable moments of meeting the person I’ll one day fall in love with. Maybe at the bookstore while trying to reach for the book located on the highest shelf and this stranger will help me get it and start a conversation from there and it would later turn into an amazing relationship.

But being a cynical romantic, I never would have imagined that it would actually happen to me.

And now this man has triggered a paradigm shift in my life because it has made me question a lot of things such as my faith in God, my purpose in life and my direction in life.

Isn’t it crazy how one tiny moment can make such an impact?