When You Least Expect It, You’re Going To Realize You’re Okay


It will happen when you least expect it. You might not even notice this feeling right away. It might be as simple as appreciating the sun shining on a random winter day. Or maybe it will be the way you are able to effortlessly smile walking down the hallway at work. These are the moments to cling to, these small reminders that you are, in fact, okay.

So many times, our stories are based on the trying and difficult times. Our narratives focus on the toxic relationships, unspeakable losses, and rock bottoms we face. It is rare that we take a step back and recognize the tremendous growth and resilience we possess. That is why, when these fleeting moments of peace and happiness overcome us, it is imperative that we remember: We are going to be okay.

These moments won’t be spelled out for you. You won’t know exactly when you will experience these moments either. You might be visiting friends in New York City and catch the perfect view of the skyline. Maybe you will belly laugh, like REALLY laugh, for the first time in a while. It is difficult to describe these moments, these feelings, but you will know when they come. You will feel calm, and in this small snippet in time, you must remember: I’m going to be okay.

Never stop living for these moments that remind us all why we are here. These moments that give us clarity into happiness. Life is messy and healing is not linear. I think that’s why it is so much easier to define our lives by the hard times. Life is so much more than what we go through! Hold tight to these feelings of reassurance, of happiness, because I promise you, they happen.

It will happen when you least expect it. You go to dinner with an old friend and catch up for hours. Maybe it is hearing a song on your drive home from work that takes you back to that random night sophomore year. Whatever it is, it will happen, and when it does, reflect on how far you’ve come. Despite all the heartache, loss, and trauma, you’re still here. You are here, and you know what? You are going to be okay.