When You Know, You Know


It’s crazy how someone you’ve known for three months can mean so much more than someone you knew for three years. How someone can make you feel more in a matter of months, than someone did in a matter of years. It’s crazy what it can feel like to experience something when it’s simply right. Because when things are right, they just happen. As easily and simply as they do in the movies — it just works.

When someone’s right, you know right away. You get a feeling in your stomach. It’s one you can’t shake and one that doesn’t scare you. It’s one you can trust. When someone’s right, they make all the little things feel big. They make walking down the street an adventure. They make laying in bed, talking and laughing about nothing for hours on end feel like minutes. They make you forget about the outside world. They make forever feel like it isn’t long enough. 

When someone’s right, you have no choice but to be yourself. There’s no shame in your weak points because you’re confident they’re there to pick you up. They show you every time that they’re there to pick you up. They love you for all of you. They show you that you deserve to be loved for all of you — the good and bad. 

When someone’s right you know it in your soul. You know you don’t need to look any further. You know you are exactly where you need to be. The movies and love stories all make sense — because they were right. It is as easy and beautiful as they make it seem when someone’s right. 

When someone’s right, they make you wonder how you went all this life without them to begin with. They fill your life with a certain hope you didn’t know existed. They make the future shine differently and the possibilities brighter.

They say you don’t know until you know. And when someone’s right, you know. I didn’t know this until one day, I knew too.