When You Fall For A Girl Who Is Fearless In Love


A girl who is fearless in love lives her life on the edge and lives each day to the fullest. She loves avidly, fervently, and with everything she has. Because she knows how quickly people changes, circumstances become different, and how elusive love is. She knows that sometimes what you have is a mere moment instead of a lifetime. She understands that sometimes the present is all she has and she is determined to make her days count.

She is a go-getter, unafraid to chase after her dreams, and she wakes up every morning hungry for new experiences.

A girl who is fearless in love is unapologetically herself. She is accepting of her mistakes and refuses to regret what she’s done. Because she knows how it feels like to live a lie. To wake up everyday with a heavy heart. To live someone else’s life. And she never wants that again.

She insists on learning things the hard way even if that means ending up with a broken heart and knows at least she tried instead of forever be tormented by the what-ifs.

She is a mess of contradiction and mystery that you can spend your whole life to unravel. She is her worst critic yet her biggest cheerleader.

She will sooner enact raw heart pounding scenes that can rival a Blockbuster movie or a bestselling novel than settle for a plain ordinary bland life. She will live her life at her own term even if that means taking a road that is less traveled.

A girl who is fearless in love believes that it takes more than love to make a relationship work. She prefers you to build a strong foundation of friendship with her first than to leap straight into a relationship with you.

She wants you to earnestly get to know her and slowly taking small steps towards the future with her. She wants you to love her more each day not because you feel obligated to but simply because you want to. She wants you to stay with her and not run away even when it becomes easier to.

A girl who is fearless in love will want you to be real. She believes love is in the little things and not in the grand gestures or the bold declarations of love. For she has seen firsthand how love that exploded like firework fizzled out in the same instance. How promises declared in a moment of passion eventually crumbled to dust.

She does not believe in love at first sight, glittery promises of the future, and facades of perfection. She wants the authentic genuine you instead of you trying to be someone you are not. Instead of your smooth charm, your polite chitchat of the weather, and safe topics that feel more like an interview, she wants to know what stirs your heart, the story behind how you got your scar, and the cause for the haunted look in your eyes when she mentioned the word love.

A girl who is fearless in love does not love herself any less when she falls in love. She has witnessed how even the strongest of love could not withstand the test of time. She has experienced how heartbreaking it was to make someone’s her whole world and to have everything fell apart when she lost him.

She is full of love for herself so that she will not question yours. She wants to include you in every aspect of her life but does not want you to be her everything. She loves herself so that she can love you.