When You Don’t Want To Admit That You’re Wrong (Because You Want To Always Be Right)


It’s in human nature to make a mess of things.

Every day, we convince ourselves that we’re on the right path, that we’re doing the right thing for ourselves, that we’re doing exactly what we need to be doing… and then one day, everything just falls apart.

It happens so fast that you don’t even realize exactly what is going on. One second, you’re standing on your own two feet and everything is normal. The next, you’re knocked to the ground and your very foundation is shaken up to the point of no return.

Whether it is a friendship, a relationship, or a job, every human being has these soul-crushing moments in which we are shaken to our very core. We are forced to fall to our knees, and realize the momentum of just how much we have messed up.

These moments have the capacity to either make or break you. In that moment, you make a decision to stand up, face the music, and fix what you broke, or you stay in the position you are in and decide it isn’t worth it to try.

Those who decide to stand up are the strong ones of the world. The people we strive to be. The people we know we OUGHT to be…. and yet, why is it so hard for us to admit we are wrong? To simply swallow our pride and just stand the hell up?

The conclusion that I have come to is that we know these are the moments that make or break who we are.

On the rare occasion in which we stand up, we can look back on that moment and say, “I did it. I was strong enough to face what I had caused, and it made me a better person.”

While this is definitely the favorable outcome, most of the time, we run away. We decide to face the problem another day, leave it for someone else to pick up the pieces. We would rather leave the broken pieces on the floor than stay and put in the effort to pick them up.

Due to this, it shows how weak we are as humans. We know when we mess up, we are fully capable of fixing the problem, and yet… here we are.

We make mistakes, we mess up, and we learn from it. Eventually, you have to face every single one of your problems, and the longer you run away, the harder it’ll hurt when it catches up with you.

So, what will you do? Will you stand and fight, or will you leave the pieces and walk away?

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