When You Don’t Give Up On Love (Even When They Want You To)


She’s an introvert
who wouldn’t let anyone break in easily
who would rather keep things to herself
whose heart was broken
she’s tired
and of all the things she chose to seek comfort in, she chose solitude
she swore she wouldn’t let anyone close too soon
and she stuck to it
once, I asked a friend,
how do you keep chasing this girl
who played hard to get
who called you a bro
who gave you mixed signals
who rejected you once
who doesn’t find comfort in you
how do you keep finding the faith to carry on
when chances looked slim & moments look bleak, how do you do it
is it not too difficult
is it worth it
it’s hard to get a person who embraces solitude, let you embrace it together, even at a distance
dear friend
of all the times you’ve crashed
of all the times you doubted love
I was there
I understand the words you spoke
and even understood the words you didn’t.
now, hasn’t it been a little too exhausting
for you to keep crashing and
for me to see you crash time after time
you’re not even feeling the pain
when I could clearly see the bruises
but this is when you said
“bro, love is a choice
and even when the odds are against me, I will never back down without a fight”
all the talk about ‘game’ but
it’s the person who tries over and over again
that has the most game
love is always a choice
you can give up
you can walk away
you can ghost
but if you didn’t choose that choice
maybe things, eventually, will work out

just like how my friend made it
dear friend
thanks for showing me that
love is a strong feeling
that love takes time
that love takes effort to bloom
that love sometimes
can be a desire
and it’s this thing about desires
you need to do something about it
for a better chance at your goal

and while I have much to learn from you
thank you for inspiring me
to show me what real love is
I wish to chase love like that
not when the right time comes
but when the right person comes