When They Come Back, Remember This


It’ll come, that text or that phone call. You know, the one that deep in the back of your mind you’ve been wishing would light up your phone screen. The one that you’ve dreamt about, where they tell you what an awful mistake they made, how sorry they are, and how much they miss you. Yeah, that one.

You’ll be busy enjoying your life, living it up. This is when it will come. This is when it always comes.

But I want you to remember something.

They left.

They left without any hesitation. They left without any warning. They left you questioning your worth. They left you broken-hearted.

They left you living life on autopilot for weeks. For months. Struggling to eat, struggling to sleep, struggling to get through each day.

They left you despising the idea of love, terrified of the idea of another relationship.

I know how easy it is to get caught up in the fantasy and the fairytale of them coming back. “I can’t believe this is happening,” you’ll tell yourself, and your mind will take you back to those perfect, serene memories. “This time will be different.” But deep down inside, you know it won’t be.

Because after your mind takes you back to those perfect, serene memories, it’ll take you back to the most important moment. The moment they left.

It’ll feel like a battlefield with your heart and your mind. This was the moment you had been waiting for— for days, weeks, months, years. But step back and take a deep breath. You worked hard to get yourself to the point you’re at right now. Is this really what you want? Do you really want to throw that away?

When they come back, remember how vulnerable they left you. The heartbreak. The hopelessness. They didn’t care.

There’s something else to remember, something even more important.

Remember your worth.