When The Right Person Comes Along


The right person will not just see you for who you are, but they will feel you too.

They will feel the love you have for them long before you tell them. They will have felt it in your fingertips with every touch.

The right person won’t come into your life with a sticker on their forehead that says ‘The One.’ The right person won’t mold themselves to fit perfectly into your world. The right person won’t come into your life, reaching with one free hand while the other one is holding onto someone else.

The right person won’t come into your life like a hurricane. We romanticize the right person as the one who crashes into us and disrupts our whole world. The one who occupies every inch of our mind. The one who makes our hearts pound, our hands shake, and our stomachs flip.

I argue that the right person quietly walks into your life. They don’t reshape who they are to get you to fall in love with them, they just come as they are. And they make you feel safe to be who you are too—unfiltered, uncensored.

You won’t have to hide the wounded parts of you, your scars. They will be a road map for the right person to learn how to love you, for them to understand your journey.

You likely won’t know right away that this is the person you’ve been waiting for. But one day it’ll hit you. You’ll be doing something together, laughing, and you’ll realize how easy it is. How calm you feel. How safe. And they will pull you in with two free hands, holding all of you just as you are.

And you’ll realize love was never about the adrenaline rush.

Love is grounding.

Love is peaceful.

And love has its arms around you.