When The Love Of Your Life Is Forever Gone


I didn’t recognize the sound coming from my own body, as my mouth hung in oval shape.
Tears hailed down my cheeks.
Speak! Speak!
What is this sound vibrating from my chest? What is this flood upon my face?
Speak. God dammit!! Speak!

My mind could only answer me through my unrelenting wails in voice’s place.
My mind kept telling me
Through the heavy almond droplets, drenching my face.
My mind was giving answers my heart begged to deny.
My mind was thinking truths, my heart wanted the lie.
The tears are the sorrow the eyes won’t let go.
The sound is from the greatest pain you’ll ever know.
He is gone.
Not the “small-time” gone.
Not the “see you later” gone.
Not the “be back soon” gone.
He’s forever gone.

The gone from your touch, the gone from your embrace.
The gone from the smile that once stood upon your face.
Your body doesn’t understand how to move on.
Your heart can’t make right this feeling of wrong.

For the greatest love of your life,
He’s forever gone.