When Someone Leaves, Adjust Your Sails


When someone leaves your life, adjust your sails. Would the Universe take from you if the situation was right? Put your attention on you, put your attention on your family, put your attention on your community, focus on the positive energy inside of you. You have the power to create your happiness—it’s called freedom. You possess the power to move on and dive deep into yourself and emerge someone more capable than you ever imagined. Remember that life is ever-flowing. You have free will—commit to the practice of seeing all good things. You must be able to release to receive, so stop being a slave to someone or else and let go!

Free yourself, because the Universe knows what is in your soul. Be optimistic. The Universe works for you when you are having fun. Get out of the stuck energy, because you are not alone and isolated. You have so many strengths within you. Do you even know what they are? You can get yourself out of the stagnation or lack of feeling that you have. You are loved, this world is ever-changing, and life will reward you when you understand this. Have the courage to pursue your dreams.

We have this innate reaction to fight and hold on to someone when they choose to leave. We hunker down and start the mental battle of the never-ending self-loathing and self-sabotaging behavior that drains our energy and puts us on a merry-go-round of shitty thoughts. We hold on to that very person that chose a different path as though they are the last person on earth and we can’t survive without them. We start to take stock of all the things in our lives going wrong, and we jump down the deep hole of negativity and depression. What the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Your ego is too full of yourself and your pain to even see the freedom you own. Yeah, it hurts like hell to lose someone you love, someone you invested in, and someone you saw a future with, but so what? Do you know how good it feels to invest in yourself? I can tell you firsthand that when I started eating healthy, exercising daily, replacing alcohol with water, reading, listening to music instead of watching TV, spending time with loved ones, being in nature, splurging on a massage or red-light therapy, and putting the damn phone down, my whole outlook changed. I started taking the focus off of what I was missing and replaced it with new energy to find my passions and self-worth. I invested in me.

I know it’s tough to say goodbye in your heart to someone you loved—I’m not downplaying that—but letting go feels peaceful. It feels empowering and freeing. Be the strong, fierce, and deserving person you are and fight for you! You belong to your body, you belong to your heart, you belong to your mind, and you owe yourself the loyalty that you so freely gave another person. Find your freedom, take back your power, and adjust your sails.