When Loving You Means Saying Goodbye


You were quite an exceptional character. I wasn’t a risk taker back then. When I met you, my world became electric. Your humorous banter kept me laughing for days. I loved how you took each moment as an adventure. How you rarely reached for the ground but instead, you graced the moon. Despite being greatly guarded, you broke all of my walls down. How I adored the way you sparked the universe inside of me; and I just fell so deeply in love with you.

Since then, we formed a vision of growing old together. How we planned to have our children wrapped around our arms. We dreamt of taking on the world by each other’s side. But unfortunately, our lives showed us another story.

I can still vividly remember the way I slowly slipped away from your fingertips. How my heart begged me not to leave you.

But my dreams were no longer a mirror of yours. And all your happiness no longer had me in it, while I clearly saw my image fading within the photographs of your future. Soon I was a second option, an afterthought. I realized that I ceased to be a priority since you were reaching for your dreams, conquering the unimaginable. Then I saw how happy you were.

I recognized that loving you was unfair to both of us. I just want freedom from a relationship that stops us from growing. I know I deserve better than just being an an adornment. Something you showed off in public, but you completely ignored in secret. I was tired of being taken for granted. Then I realized that nobody deserves to feel this way, but I was not ready to take the world away from you.  

I guess love had another plan for us. For we saw ourselves as different constellations in the universe. I am forever sorry that I broke your heart. But If love is doing what is right, then it’s time to say goodbye.