When Life Gets Hard, I Urge You To Believe


It’s in those moments of agonizing pain—those moments of debilitating grief—where the world seems to turn gray, dark, eerie. Where the simple act of facing a new day seems onerous.

In an instant, our thirst for living vanishes. Our eagerness to fulfill our goals and desires disappears. We question the meaning of our existence. We wonder why. Why is this happening? Why me?

While this feeling can be isolating and bleak, please know that I feel you and see you. I am holding your hand in your anguish. You are not alone.

I know that you are tired of hearing them tell you to “keep going,” to suck it up and move on because anything else would demonstrate fragility and that is simply now allowed.

But what do they know? They don’t understand your hurt. They have not walked in your shoes. How dare they tell you what to feel?

I am not here to tell you the same.

I am here to tell you that I have been where you are. I have felt your grief. Your pain. I know how difficult it is to see the beauty in life after a treacherous storm. I know how hard it is to dig yourself out of a deep, dismal tunnel.

I know.

But having gotten out of this place many times myself, I am here to urge you to please believe that this is not the end. Please believe there is more out there for you. Please believe in Him. Please believe that He will not let you down. You will make it out and see the light once again.

I am here to remind you that it will not happen overnight, but one day, you will wake up and feel that lust for life again. One day, the simple act of being alive, of breathing, will bring tears of overwhelming joy to your soulful brown eyes. One day, you will truly cherish the seemingly inconsequential.

You will treasure the perfect pressure of that warm faucet head water tapping your skin gently while cleansing you. You will glorify the act of biting into that succulent, robust, delectable fruit. The apocalyptic, serene sunset and its eternal orange-pink hues will send shivers down your spine. One day, you will feel alive. You will.

So, I urge you once again to please believe. Believe that life is worth living. Believe that there is something greater. Believe that you are worthy of it all.

Because you are.