When Are Women Going To Stop Dating Athletes?


Khloe Kardashian has everything going for her. She’s one of the most beautiful women on the planet, she has a decent personality, she’s rich, she’s family-oriented. I have a hard time understanding how she’s had such terrible luck with men.

Her NBA boyfriend Rashad Mccants cheated on her. Her NBA husband Lamar Odom cheated on her (among other things). Now her NBA boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson is cheating on her.

Maybe the problem isn’t Khloe. Maybe the problem is men in the NBA.

Listen, I don’t blame Justin Bieber for becoming Justin Bieber. Give any kid as much fame, money, and women as he wants and he’s going to grow up to be a bit crazy. It’s entirely an irresistible outcome. The same goes for professional athletes. These are people who have only heard ‘yes’ their entire lives. They have no sense of reality.

It would take an incredible sense of maturity and strength of character to live the life of a professional athlete and stay committed to your partner. The odds are not that you have these opportunities and become a good person. The odds are that you’re an entitled brat who thinks their needs are more important than others.

If you’ve ever seen WAGS you can see some of these people up close and it’s low key incredible what they get away with because of their status as an athlete.

So the question is, why are women still dating them?

I understand how appealing a rich guy might be if you have no access to making money for yourself, but Khloe is already wealthy many times over. She doesn’t need to settle in order to have a ticket to some life she wouldn’t be able to build on her own. I have a hard time believing that Tristan is singularly some kind of great man that Khloe has to choose him above any other guy. (To be clear, he isn’t. He sucks basically. He’s just rich and hot).

Anyway, I’m just kind of bewildered here. I hope she doesn’t take him back. I hope she meets some introverted boring business dude who actually wants to be a partner to her. They would both deserve each other.