When All Things Fail, God Will Be There


We all have difficulties in life that we hardly tell the world, not because we are afraid that they might judge or say something that can make it worst, but because we want to keep it to ourselves or maybe we are not just good in telling them our story.

Although it’s not a bad thing sometimes we really need someone we can talk to, someone who can understand and someone who is credible in making our dark phase lighter. It may not sink into our brain and it can cause damage control or maybe hard to believe to some, but believe it or not we can’t make it alone and without Him, it is impossible to make it to the finish line.

You might have a lot of things on your mind right now and you might be facing some heartaches, difficulties, and dilemmas that can push you to your limit, just always remind yourself that God is there and He will rescue you. Talk to Him and allow Him to comfort you and you will be surprised of what He is capable of. His grace is sufficient and He sees what’s best for you. He does not allow His people to face their problem alone because before you know it He knows that you will be running out to Him and He is delighted to see you talking to Him and laying all the cards and lifting your worries to Him.

When failure heats up just remind yourself that growth requires failure, don’t get embarrassed or put yourself down if things didn’t work out, God is just preparing you for something that is way bigger than you could ever imagine.

Remind yourself that He is generous enough to be there for you and you need not worry about telling stories of your failures and be afraid that you will be judged, but instead be grateful that you aren’t alone in this journey. He is with you from the beginning of it all and He assures you that you will never be ashamed of the choices that you will make because you have Him to guide you.

Do not forget that when all things fail, God is there. God will rescue you.