When A Girl Falls In Love For The First Time, She Falls Hard


When she falls in love for the first time, she falls harder than expected.

She has a heart that is so innocent—so pure, when it comes to romantic love. She fell in love with celebrities and fictional characters—heroes in her favorite books—before you came into her life. She has her own definition of love, but she doesn’t exactly know how it feels. It will be new for her.

Butterflies dancing and colorful rainbows. Cheeks turning pink and being speechless around someone, in a good way. Dating someone like you. She will only say those three words when she genuinely means it. She will never make it easy for you to have her.

Like the stories she had ever known, she has expectations but she will keep those to herself and wait for you to do one of those things. She has a lot of fantasies, and dreams about happily ever after. She might be the damsel in distress, a lonely princess, or the stronger independent woman—based on the kind of book she is currently reading. And the type of TV series she has been obsessed with.

She had imagined herself a lot in a romantic date. Whether it’s about both of you, together lying under the starlit sky or watching your favorite movies and cuddling until you fall asleep. Whether it’s about both of you having a romantic walk in a beautiful park and there are fireworks at night, or both of you riding a roller coaster wherein you would shout your feelings for her. And even if she has a lot of these things in mind, she will barely suggest unless your ideas have run off.

You will be her first real romantic love, and if you’re lucky she will make you the happiest man alive.

She will memorize your face. Beginning with the color of your eyes, the curve of your nose—your thick lashes and pair of beautiful eyebrows.

She will remember how your lips taste like and what color your hair is. She will know every expression you make and what is the reason behind it. She will understand every move that you make, depending on your mood. She will say the words you love and needed to hear.

She will support you in your dreams and help you reach them with both of your hands. She will fight for you when things get hard. She knows how to read between the lines. She will listen to every explanation you have to say, she will hear you with an open mind. She will love you endlessly, for she believe that forever still exists.

You just have to keep her. Do everything for her, so she will feel that she is the most beautiful woman in this entire world.

You might not be like the prince she’s been dreaming of, or that bad-ass and sweet dude she’s been fictionally in love with. But if she falls in love with you, she will fall hard. And if you have a plan on catching her, make sure that she’s safe in your strong, loving arms.