Whatever You Are Searching For In Life Is Looking For You Too


We all feel lost from time to time, and although it may feel uncomfortable, it’s actually a good thing.

It all starts when the tiny voice inside of us, in a moment of desperation, has the courage to speak up. And depending on how long we have been ignoring it, it could be a whisper or a very, very loud scream. In either case, it’s trying to tell us something. Maybe it’s trying to say that something isn’t quite right or that something is missing. Or maybe it’s saying, “I want more” or “I need more.” Whatever the intention is, what it’s really saying is that something needs to change.

Admitting that you want anything is a scary thing. Even if you haven’t said it out loud, it’s a hard thing to keep under wraps, even inside your own head. It’s always there in the background, and it’s heard every excuse in the book, and deciding to commit and put the energy in is very risky territory. Because what if it doesn’t work out? What if it’s all for nothing? What if all you are met with is disappointment? But what if it does work out? What if your efforts are impactful? And what if it’s everything you ever wanted and more?

The trick is that it needs you to go all in — 110%. It needs you to hope and trust, even when you have no reason to, and it needs you to want it in a big way so that it can see you and pick you out from amongst the crowd. It needs you to persevere and keep going when things get tough. It needs you to be brutally honest with yourself and your desires so that it can distinguish the dreamers from the nonbelievers, and it needs you to put your energy out there — fully out there — so that you can help it come to life.

Because whatever you are searching for in life is looking for you too.

Your hopes, dreams, wants, needs, or whatever it may be, is trying to find you as well, but it can’t do it on its own. It needs your energy and intentions in order to even exist. It needs your commitment, but most importantly, it needs you to believe.

And when that’s there, when you put the effort in, it will do the same. Little things will start to happen that will get you closer to where you want to be. You will start to see reassurance around one corner and confidence around the next, and every tiny step you take will start to feel less wasteful and more gripping.

But if you give up? If you truly give up? Then unfortunately, it gives up too. But if there’s even a small molecule of truth or hope still in there, even a glimmer of a genuine want, it will help you until the end of time. It will continue to be that voice, and it will scream louder and louder until you hear it and do something about it.

So when you start to feel a little lost, embrace it. Celebrate the fact that you still get the opportunity. Decide what you want and make it big. Go all in. Make life count. Make it beautiful and make it bold. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and dream — life’s too short for anything else. And reach for what you want and hold on tight, because you deserve it.