What Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album Says About You


1. Taylor Swift (the debut)

You’re just a good old country gal who likes to wear cowboy boots and sundresses to Walmart. You probably own a bedazzled MP3 player that can hold around 100 songs, and every version of “Our Song” in existence is downloaded onto it. In your spare time you enjoy driving around in your best friend’s pickup truck staring at your ex-boyfriend through binoculars. You’re probably eternally stuck in the 9th grade, staring out the classroom window wondering what it feels like to be swept off of your feet by a boy you really like. Your nights are spent doodling in a glittery notebook while moodily updating your MySpace page. There are many teardrops on your guitar.

2. Fearless

If Fearless is your favorite album, then you’re either right in the middle of a beautiful romantic relationship or you’re catastrophically heartbroken and a lost wandering soul. You’ve just started finding yourself and you probably think that you’re at your level best when attached to somebody else. You’re a sucker for hopelessly romantic moments like the glow off a pavement after a storm, dancing in the rain, and telling someone how hopelessly you’re in love with them. This natural aptitude for becoming obsessed with love gets you hurt a lot of the time, too. Songs such as “Forever and Always” and “Breathe” sum up that 2AM feeling you get when you’re missing somebody. But there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and you’re more than willing to jump headfirst back for more insanity.

3. Speak Now

A little bit older, a little more mature, and a little bit more jaded. If you’re obsessed with Speak Now you’ve got some serious emotional baggage to sift through, and this album is not only the soundtrack of your summer—it’s probably the soundtrack of your year. The songs on this album sit on your iPhone waiting to soothe and console you. Written entirely by Swift herself, you can tell how personal she intended this album to be when you’re lying in bed at 4AM clinging to “Last Kiss” as the first glimpse of the sun rises from the horizon. You love hard, but you hurt harder. You’re self-aware and willing to take responsibility for your mistakes. Your sensitivity is something you have little control over and is misunderstood by people who don’t know you well enough. The smallest cruel exchange from a person you once cared about can shatter your heart into a million tiny pieces. But you’ll always have this album to put you back together.

4. Red

You’re at a crossroads in your life. Red is an album full of devastating heartbreak, effervescent fun, and a range of sad, beautiful, and tragic emotional content. You’ve finally begun to see the beauty in sadness and have learnt to turn your bitter resentment into bittersweet nostalgia. You remember everything about that one relationship that tore you to pieces, from the first date to the last time you spoke. You’ve learned to build walls around yourself, refusing to answer the phone even though it’s the only thing you can think about doing. You finally have your own best interests at heart, and you’re on the brink of a new beginning. You haven’t felt content for a while but you know you’re on the right track to getting there, and you’re willing to welcome a fresh start with a wide-eyed optimism that you once reserved exclusively for other people.

5. 1989

This is it—you’ve made it! You’re in the clear now and life couldn’t be better than it is. You’ve seen the importance in surrounding yourself with good people who make your heart sing, and you find it hard to remember a time when you weren’t this enchanted with your life. You dance like nobody’s watching, and even if they are, they they don’t matter. The only thing that matters to you is your opinion of yourself, and the opinion of you shared by those who comprise your allies. You’re a soldier in a war you are most definitely winning, flanked by a group of people who would follow you anywhere. You can spot a negative influence from a mile away, and you’re passionately protective of your newfound bliss. You’ve put everything bad you’ve experienced far behind you, but not far enough to forget how it shaped you and what you learned. Every day is a tabula rasa and you find yourself evolving and learning repeatedly, you’ve realized that you never stop expanding. Your life is a work of art that will never be repeated, and throwing paint on the canvas brings you an elation you can’t describe.