What We All Wish We Could Honestly Say To Our Childhood Self


You’re probably playing your own version of college right now, and let me tell you, the shit isn’t anything like your made up game. Your professors aren’t male models, and your boyfriend isn’t Jesse McCartney. Playing pretend is fun and I know you are wishing to be older. Don’t wish your life away, because you’ll end up where I am, reminiscing on your childhood and wondering when you grew up in the blink of an eye.

Middle school is going to be terrible.  I wish there was some way to soften the blow, but you’re going to get through it. nd the teachers are out to get you. You’re going to pass your SOL tests, so stop stressing so much about them.

The zit on your forehead will go away, and your yearbook picture isn’t going to determine your attractiveness for the rest of your life.

Mom and Dad aren’t out to get you. I know it may seem like it, but they trying to do what is best for you. Making you change schools and leave all of your friends may seem like your life is ending, but it isn’t. They are saving you from yourself, stop trying so hard to make that job difficult on them. You were always so eager to leave them and to be on your own, but you’ll miss them more than anything when you finally do leave. Sometimes I know you think your mom is our worst enemy, but you’ll come to realize that she’s one of your biggest supporters.

He may seem like a little shit right now,  but just know that the shadow that follows you and annoys the living daylights out of you, the one who you blame everything on so you don’t get in trouble, is one of the best-friends you’ll ever have. He just wants to hang out with you, and when you’re mean to him, it does hurt his feelings. Your little brother loves you more than he will ever admit (he doesn’t like expressing how he feels).

Losing your virginity isn’t the end of your life, and the guy you lost your virginity to actually sucks.

He will not be your husband, so stop giving him so many chances, he isn’t worth it. You’re going to fall in love with a guy who rips your heart out. The break up is going to be the absolute worst (be prepared for this). But you’ll eventually get over him and realize that he was such a insignificant chapter in your life. Every time you feel like you are going to collapse and die from heart-break, just know that you will somehow move on.

The popular girls in high school who are mean are not your friends. Just because they had the newest Juicy sweat suits and were the first to rock side bangs doesn’t mean they are cooler than you.  Believe me, in college, they get fat, so you have that to look forward to.  You’re going to get picked on in 8th grade for your first perm that went miserably wrong, but just remember that the same guys who picked on you, are the ones on Tinder trying to hook-up with you when you’re at home on break.

So, childhood self, you have a lot to look forward to.

You will go through the messy breakups, you will grow apart from that toxic best friend friend that your mom never liked, and you might feel like your heart is forever broken by your first boyfriend. . But you will get over him, there are tons of hotter guys in college. Oh, and that first boyfriend? Yeah, he’s in a bottom-tier frat now. Your C in Algebra will not determine your high GPA in college, and you will get accepted to college. You’ll join an amazing sorority and have the best group of sisters, you’ll go on the craziest spring break trips with them that you probably won’t remember,  and you’ll find yourself little by little.

So, make the best out of this journey, because it goes by way too fast. One day you’re playing college with your best friend and the next you’re writing this wondering when the hell you grew up. Oh, and your childhood best friend now has a baby and a family of her own.

Enjoy the easiness of your childhood. I know you are eager to grow up, but just wait. I have to admit, you have a pretty great life ahead of you.