What Virgo Should Expect In September 2021 (Horoscope)


September has arrived, and with that, a whirlwind of excitement and intensity in the astrological realm. Virgo season is now in full swing—the Sun and Mars in this sign at the start of the month have everyone in a productive, focused mindset, ready to finish strong. With Venus at home in Libra, one of the signs of its rulership, our relationships may be taking a front seat. There is a desire to connect and understand our partner better, which requires us to clear the air and set things straight under the watchful eye of Virgo energy. Later on, when Venus moves into Scorpio, we may feel the distinct need to bond intensely and draw closer to our significant others than ever before—or to seek one out if currently single. Towards the very end of the month, Mercury will go into retrograde in the sign of Libra—which means some potential miscommunication and frustration, but don’t stress too much yet!

This month kicks off with your season, Virgo! With the Sun and Mars highlighting your first house, expect plenty of confidence and energy to come your way. You’ve got big plans and goals, and now is the time to put them into action! September is rife with opportunity and possibility (especially career-wise), and now more than ever is the time to embrace what’s coming for you.

(Keep in mind to not only read for your Sun sign but your Rising sign as well!)


If you’re struggling to buckle down and get a plan, this is the time! You have everything at your disposal to pull through there. Sun and Mars are in your first house for the start of the month, igniting confidence and energy levels—you know what your goals are, and if you haven’t already started, it’s time to put them into action. Additionally, Jupiter (the planet of expansion) and Saturn (the planet of rules, boundaries, and structure) are hanging out in your 6th house of work, health, and routine. Now is the time to not only figure out a structure or routine, but one that works for you.


September is shining a spotlight on your career and finances, Virgo! Your Sun and Mars in the first house give you that extra boost of confidence you need to step up and step out to achieve what you’ve been seeking. However, this isn’t the time to sit back and wait—Mars in Virgo is asking you to take the lead instead of expecting someone to hand you what you want. Your 6th house of productivity, work, health, and routine is also experiencing an awakening, with both Jupiter and Saturn making their way through. Jupiter is here to help lift the weight off your shoulders, but Saturn is still going to keep you in check. Additionally, as we start to move into Libra season, multiple planets will be transiting your 2nd house of finances—Venus will likely bring exciting opportunities. However, Mars in this house may serve as a cautionary tale to not spend your money too quickly. The New Moon will also occur in your 1st house—a sign to start new beginnings and chapters.


A common theme is showing up for you this month—taking charge and initiating the significant moves/conversations in your life. When it comes to your relationships, this will mainly be highlighted on the 20th, when the Full Moon shows up in Pisces in your 7th house of partnerships. Full Moons often signal a closing chapter to make room for something new. For those of you who are single, this is the time to go on the dates you’ve been thinking about. If you’re in a committed long-term partnership and things are going smoothly, this could signal a decision to move in together, get engaged, or even married. However, if things haven’t been going well for quite some time, this could also shed some light on whether it’s time to go your separate ways. Regardless, this will be a time to accept a chapter closing and a new adventure beginning.


The Full Moon in Pisces in your 7th house isn’t just about your romantic relationships—this includes your friendships as well. If you’ve been feeling some unresolved tensions with a friend, the Full Moon (and days surrounding it) can illuminate whether it’s time for you both to move on or if things can still be hashed out. For some of you, this may be a time where you feel drawn much more closely to your friends than before, especially as you move into the next stage of your life. Pay attention and don’t make any rash decisions.


This house remains pretty quiet throughout September, so you can rest easy here. However, if you are dealing with any unresolved issues here, now is an excellent time to address them. Virgo season (especially with Sun and Mars in your 1st house) is always a great time to reassess and resolve tensions you’ve been dealing with—just don’t go looking for fights where there aren’t any.