What To Do When You’re Single Again


Cry. Weep. Sob. Let out every emotion relating to sad.

Repeat again and again and again and again until you’re ready.

Find a TV show to binge watch.

Drink wine. Whiskey, vodka, gin, whatever your poison. Or La Croix. Or Gatorade. Genuinely, whatever you’d like.

Talk to your community. Lean on your friends and family. Go to therapy. You are not alone, you are NEVER alone. If you truly feel you have no one to turn to, call 1-800-273-8255.

Be angry. Whatever reason you’re angry is valid. He left you. He sucked. She was destructive. She wouldn’t move forward in life. You weren’t on the same page. He lived with his parents. She had a weird cat. He thought the Big Bang Theory was the peak of comedy. He DIDN’T think the Big Bang Theory was the peak of comedy. His anger scared you. Her depression was too much for you. Whatever it is, your feelings are valid.

Remember the good times. Not everything that happened is terrible. There were good times, great times, amazing times, incomparable times. Don’t forget in your sadness and anger that something good happened. Find the good.

Remember your worth. You’re worth a good man, damn it. You’re worth a good woman. No matter what happened in your last relationship, your worth doesn’t fluctuate. You matter. You are worthy of good things. You are worthy, period.

Celebrate what you learned. Maybe you learned you don’t want to date guys with cats. Maybe you learned that blondes truly do have more fun. Perhaps it was more profound. Celebrate.

Find a reason to get outside. Not your job, not just taking your dog outside the building. Go for a walk around the block. Trust me, even a small walk will do wonders for your mind.

Get back in the game. When you’re ready. Maybe you subscribe to the “best way to get over someone is to get under someone new” advice, or maybe you just want to chat someone up to take your mind off things. You do you, boo.

Repeat over and over and over and over.