What The Fuck Are Your Needs?


What are your needs?

No, not their needs.

What the fuck are your needs?

This world is buzzing full of need.

I need you to need yourself.

I need you to need yourself so deeply and so badly that you abandon the needs of the world today.

Let it go.

Let them meet their own fucking needs–give them the opportunity to ask, to take up space, to use their voice, to open up.

Of course you know what this world needs–you’re brilliant. You’re intuitive. You’re wise. Your empathetic and connected to the energy of all beings in your plane and out.

Let people have their journey, let people be in their suffering, let people find their own path.

What is your path?

What do you need!

What does your soul cry for after you have met the needs of this world?

Shut them out. Hear you. Honour you.

The wildest thing happens–this helps them.

You not helping, helps them.

You needing yourself makes you a teacher in them listening to their needs.

But you must first hear what your spirit whispers when you are lying on the ground, depleted from serving every being but yourself for years and years and years.

You must pick yourself off the ground and choose to bless yourself first, to serve by serving yourself.

Janne Robinson is a poet and author of
This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck.
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