What Men Think When They Watch the Eat, Pray, Love Trailer


Did you know that Eat, Pray, Love arrives in theaters this Friday? Sure, it was a heavenly (pun intended) book, but imagine how thrilling it will be in its new movie format! It was only a matter of time until a story with stunning visuals like eating of food, biking through fields, flirting with swarthy men up was brought to the big screen. I only wish it was in 3-D!

But will it be a success? Sure women and non-traditional male viewers will love it, but what about the stereotypical heterosexual dude? They’re gonna need a few of them – even if under distress – to buy tickets for “Eat, Pray, Love” to hit big. So what do these guys think of the trailer? Check it out…


Eat, Pray, Love the “incredible true story” of how a middle-class white woman went on a long vacation that her book publisher paid for debuts this Friday, August 13th. It’ll change your life.