What It Truly Feels Like To Lose The One You Love


First, you’re in denial. You’ll push away all the negative thoughts in your mind. You’ll set an optimistic approach and you’ll smile the pain away, saying:

“He won’t leave me, I know he loves me.”


“Our love will lead him back to me, you’ll see.”

or maybe,

“He will fight it – he’s only sick and ill but he’ll fight for me; I know it.”

Then, you’ll feel like time is slowing down. Everything will seem so vague, uncertain – you’ll slowly lose hope and finally realize they’re never coming back.

You’ll cry – all day and all night. You’ll remember them in every place you’ve been to, every song they shared with you, and you’ll always reminisce everything that you’ve been through.

They’ll become a distant memory – so near, yet so far; so true yet so unreal, you once were together but now you’re a million miles apart.

Then one day it will dawn on you, “I guess this is it – this is the end.”

After all the years of trying to look for someone to love, you’ll feel that there’s nothing left of you – you gave most of your parts to all the people you loved and now, the remaining parts are shattered; broken with no hopes for fixation.

You gave your all to each of them, and now moving on is not clearly visible on the horizon.

You will never find the reason why:

Why they left, why they fell out of love, or why did they breathe their last breath?

Sometimes, queries are remained unanswered not to leave you in question – but to leave you with a realization about how wonderful you are, to love someone so deeply and genuinely; to give your everything for the sake of love.

It’s a rare thing – to love and be loved, and it’s a sad thing – to feel deeply in love until someone gives up.