What It Means To Love A Girl Who Has Picked Up The Pieces Of Her Own Life


At first glance, she’s not hard to love at all. In fact, she’s quite the opposite. She radiates warmth, with each step she imprints a little more light and compassion into the earth beneath her. You’d think she’s only ever experienced a life that was kind — a life that has protected her from darkness, making it possible for her to shine so bright.

But, the truth is that the girl who has picked up the pieces of her own life knows just how stark and cold life can be.

She knows that there are people who will walk out of your life as quickly as they walked in. That loneliness can sting you all the way to your core and that there will be moments that shake your world so much you hardly recognize it. But even through all the brokenness she’s endured, the greatest lesson she’s learned is that she would never want another soul to ache like her own.

So, she carries herself with grace and poise. She lets the world see her softness instead of the rugged edges of her soul that she’s put back together over and over again. She’s found gratitude for the people who decided it was not her life they wanted to be a part of. For their absence led her to root deeper into herself and the two feet she stands on every day.

She learned to welcome resiliency and healing. To grow through struggle. She learned to choose herself again and again and again.

So, when someone new asks her to let down her sturdy walls and plant her heart in a home other than her own chest cavity, she’s not sure whether to walk toward them or run the other way.

Because when you’re the girl who has picked up the pieces of your own life, you learn to tread lightly with each person that asks for your heart. She’s seen the kind of damage a person like that can do. And one day, she decided that maybe it was better to keep her heart protected in a cage without the chance to ever be cracked or mistreated the way she’s seen it hurt before.

So, please know this. If she does decide that you’re the lucky one — that you’re the one worth the risk — you will need to be patient with her.

There are going to be days when no matter how much you want her to, she won’t let you in. Where she’ll push you away and have you convinced that she’s never coming back to you. But you have to continue to choose her, even when she’s not the easiest choice.

You have to prove to her that she is your only choice.

You have to show her that while you both know she can carry all the weight of life on her own, she doesn’t have to. You have to convince her that no matter the waves or tides that rock you both, there’s no drifting or drowning.

And I promise you, the love you’ll get in return from her is incomparable to a love you’ll ever receive from another. Because once you break through her walls, gain her trust, become her person — she loves fiercely and unapologetically. And while her soul may be pieced back together, you will never experience anything but wholeness in her presence. Because, above all else, the girl who has picked up the pieces of her own life, is the only girl who knows how to make life full out of something that was once broken.