What If A Break Up Is A Good Thing?


What if instead of clinging to what we’re losing, we looked to what we’re being offered?

What if the act was not of selfishness, but of selflessness. Releasing when you know staying would not offer the support and challenges that person needs.

What if we thanked him or her for taking the thought into considering our future. What if we kept in touch, communicating instead of whispering behind doors and backs and insecurities.

What if what hurts is meant to heal a deeper hurt we didn’t know we had or were having or would soon have.

What if what having that person in our life is a gift meant to be cherished for the time it is entrusted to us. And when it is time to let go, we find ourselves thankful instead of entitled.

What if we are in relationships to love the other person. And when their time comes to move elsewhere we love them as they go there.

What we secure enough in ourselves, and in our faith to know that our lives are on a path. And that everything that happens will be used for good. So we can face the unknown and the alone without fear.

What if we took the simple step and believed? What if we faced a break up and decided it could be a good thing? And if it not that, than maybe just a thing, a step into becoming who we are for where we’re going.

And that that, that learning, that feeling, that act of loving is worth it. Worth it to pour into another person. To not yank away at the last moment and leave more damage than was found. Worth it to walk away with all the joyous memories and call the time rich. Worth it to embrace every second of missing and know that it was feeling well spent. Worth it to walk away different and new. Perhaps a little shaken. But no less you.