What Every Young Woman Wishes She Could Say To The Guy She’s Trying To Date


I’m so tired of feeling like I want more out of this relationship than you.

I’m tired of being the one who wants to move forward. I’m tired of having my feelings invalidated and ignored. (If not ignored than ridiculed.) I tell you how I feel about us, what I want, and I get complete silence.

You’re thinking so much.Or maybe you already know what your plan is and I’m not a part of it, so it’s easier to be quiet and avoid confrontation.

I asked why you don’t say, “I love you” anymore and you said, “Do I really have to? I mean we’ve been dating for almost 3 years.” If that’s not taking someone for granted then I don’t know what is.

When we went out last Friday, our mutual female friend and I were both talking to a guy friend I knew from high school (she though he was cute), then all of sudden you said you were going to leave to a bar next door. Were you jealous? I still don’t understand why you decided to leave, and why you couldn’t wait for us.

You hardly spent my birthday with me – showing up at 6pm for dinner without even a card or flowers, and then going home an hour later.

My family and I got into an argument and you couldn’t bear to listen to all of my “negativity”.

I’m starting to realize more and more how far our paths are moving away from each other, because you aren’t trying at all to keep me. You’re not chasing me, I’m chasing you – I’m so tired. I give up.

I’ll never be who you want me to be. You’ll never see me as someone valuable, someone you’re amazed by and proud of. In your world I am not “the one”. In your world you’re a star and I play a supporting role, always at your disposal.

You give an excuse for it being not the right time, for you not having a high paying job, for you not being a “real person”. Guess what – you are a real person. I’m a real person too and I can’t be with someone who won’t put me as his number one priority.

But I’m a chicken shit who will never break up with you, because I’m scared I will regret it later.

I’m scared that despite how awful I’ve made you sound – that my judgment is clouded – that really you’re the best I’ll ever have or deserve. I’m scared that maybe you really do care, and that I’m just being too pushy.