What Every Man Who Wants To Cheat Needs To Remember


The struggle is real and with every passing day, the temptation eats at your soul. There are so many options available to you and whilst it looks too good to pass up, you should know that the girl waiting for you at home has feelings. The emotions she has for you is raw and brutally honest. While you may think that having fallen in love is scary, the girl waiting for your message is terrified. Yet even amidst her skepticism about love as well as relationships, she is still with you.

She was raised on the values of loyalty which she continues to uphold in her adult life. You’ve often seen her devote equal amounts of time to her friends, family, you, and herself while juggling her everyday life. Have you ever asked why after all the fights and nasty words said, she’s still with you? Did you ever ask yourself why she still wants to be your baby even though there are other men who you feel are better qualified than you? The answer lies deep inside her heart – a place that you have inhabited for the past couple of years now. It’s because she loves you and she will remain fiercely loyal to you. She believes in “through thick and thin” and “ride or die” which is a trait of hers that you shouldn’t take for granted.

There are certain nights when you’re alone with her and as you tell her about your day, you cut your sentences short. As the light hits her face, you realize that she’s an extraordinary individual who truly understands you. She takes the time to listen to your stories regardless of how jaded, unexciting or repetitive as they may be. Even when your jokes are corny, she still laughs because to her, you are her favorite comedian. She is willing to tote around your excess baggage with you because she knows that there is no such thing as a perfect past.

Yes, it’s possible that out of seven billion people in the world, you found yourself a girl who knows you like the back of her hands.

Because let’s be honest.. If she didn’t know you that well, she wouldn’t have tried to make your favorite dish the way your mother made it.

No matter how busy things are at work, she still prioritizes you in her life. Never take for granted that she is always there for you whether it’s physically or from afar. She doesn’t think your messages are a nuisance during hectic work days; in fact, conversing with you is her happy zone. Even though she remains dedicated to herself first and foremost, I’m sure she has never made you feel less important as a priority. She already knows where you belong in her life and it will always be in the top three ranks.

Sure there are plenty of other girls out there for you to choose from, but none will be able to love you as much as your girl can.

She was made from love, breathes love, and exudes love.

Passion fills her heart to the brim and you can feel it in her every kiss. While there are moments where she frustrates you to the core, you also know that her annoying ways come from a genuine place. If she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t have helped you all these years so that you can become the best version of a man that she’s certain you can be.

The love she has for you is untouchable and certainly, unchangeable. Not everyone gets to be blessed with a wonderful person that comes quite as close to your girl. If ever you develop the thought of pushing all that aside, start rethinking your decision. Love doesn’t always come knocking on your door twice and a love that you’ve experienced with her is not one to throw away that easily. Deep down you know how amazing your girl is, and when your mind warns you that other girls may not come close to her rank, listen to it. She loves you and that’s something you should remember if you ever feel inclined to cheat on her.