What Each Zodiac Sign Is Like As A Poem


people blur around you
the only remnants being noise;
you’ll be here after hours
your memory blanking

the soft touch of your shirt
the rattling of paper in the breeze;
just another day
another day of thinking

you’re frozen in time
shadows never moving;
a ring of sunlight on your cheeks
and maybe you’re okay

your fingertips are like ice
cold and frozen from fear;
touching them melts you
your hearts intertwining

you feel every cell in your body
as they’re rubbed against with annoyance;
you don’t see how they’d understand
they probably never will

your heart is made of stardust
lifting you slowly;
you don’t need them
you are but a galaxy

laughter is surrounding you
somehow you feel closed in;
feeling small has always been
the opposite of being able to breathe

you could have sworn it was warm
but you lift the mug to your lips anyway;
maybe this is just a metaphor

sprinting is what you do best
speeding by any and all forms of life;
leaving things behind
that is your specialty, isn’t it?

shreds of paper surround you
another idea gone to waste;
even though, everyone knows
that your mind is extravagant

your fingers lightly touch the strings
the curve of the instrument laying perfectly over your thigh;
your lips move into wasted words
never quite able to say what you mean

staring out the window again
your favorite past time;
watching the people move by
wondering when that will be you