What Cancer Should Expect In September 2021


During this month, your focus will be more on communicating and evaluating the work you have done. September will get you started on dreaming big, and it all begins with a small idea you’ve been contemplating for months. This is the perfect time to start a new project, blog, podcast, or channel. You have a lot of ambition and the Virgo energy from early in the month has prepared you to accept any criticism as well as make changes with discipline and confidence.

(Keep in mind to not only read for your Sun sign but your Rising sign as well!)


The studious side makes an appearance during this month as Virgo Season gets you organized and prepared to share your wisdom with others. This is a time where you will connect with people that can inspire you to make changes in the way you study and organize. Prepare to have a new perspective as those classmates or fellow peers bring new and insightful methods to handling those tough classes you may have been dreading.


Virgo season prepares and gives you the tools needed to be very efficient, thanks to Mars currently pushing you to your limits with a positive sextile to your sign. This motivation will be noticed by everyone you work with, including those in command. Libra Season might bring along some challenges, but all can be managed as you bring a balance to your work and home life.


If you are looking for excitement, this month has much in store for you if romance is on your mind. A period of thrills for you and your partner. Venus will be in fellow water sign Scorpio beginning on the 10th. While it might not be a comfortable position for Venus, this transit will trine your sign, allowing you to take the plunge and put yourself out there if you are single. Prepare to feel emboldened during this time. A lot of surprises are in store and if you are more centered on igniting your creative side, this can allow you to create magic.


You will not be afraid to reach out to friends to have a good time during this month. Mercury and Mars have your back as you are going to make short distance travel a part of your routine. Expect to check out what the local businesses in your neighborhood have to offer you during this time because you will be in for some good deals.


One of the significant moments at the beginning of the month will be the New Moon in Virgo on the 6th, making us all cherish and contemplate the connections we have at home. The Moon will usually make us feel some sense of nostalgia and with Venus entering Scorpio on the 10th, you are going to think delightfully of the connections you have now in the present. Libra Season is a perfect time to stay around the ones you love during these transits and if you have children, expect to have good communication flowing for the rest of the month.