We’re Ruining Social Media By Being Jerks To Each Other, And It’s Time To Cut It Out


From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, social media has invaded our lives to a point where these sites have became our main source of news, our number one way to connect and our first outlets we seek when we are looking for any sort of social interaction.

Whether we are scrolling through the endless photos on Instagram or liking status updates on Facebook, we are constantly exposed to various thoughts, ideas and feelings whether or not we choose to pay any attention to them.

But, what happens when negativity is thrown all over social media? What happens when individuals are constantly bashing each other and dark, gray rain clouds are circling around the social media outlet as you continue to scroll?

Since when has social media gone from us being SOCIAL and INTERACTING to a competition of who can bash, complain and argue the most?

When we decide to use social media as a positive outlet, the scope through which we are looking at life through becomes significantly more welcoming and we begin to not switch into a defensive mode at the drop of a nasty tweet.

Social media has the power to be a tool that allows us to connect, engage and experience life in a way that empowers one another and plays off of the positive outlook that many of us often strive for.

Forget about bashing that person who is voting for a different candidate, forget about the person who has something negative to tweet every five seconds and focus on what bright light others can see when they are scrolling through your social media.

Look at how our views on social media change once we realize it can be a tool for mass creation instead of mass destruction.