We Were Kids In Love, But Now We’ve Grown Up


We were friends; we had nothing but friendship. It was the platonic love we had for each other that made me trust you. We cared for each other and got each other’s back every time one of us hit rock bottom. For the longest time, you were my best friend — my confidant, the person I shared the best and worst of me. Our phones would carry most of our memories, those candid and crazy times we would spend together.

Out of the blue, something changed. We felt that urge. I started having those crazy butterflies, and it felt so strange but right at the same time. I knew back then that this was something more than friendship. You felt it too. We were kids. We were still growing up. We were impulsive and we crossed the line. We took the risk. We chose to dive off the cliff.

The risk was fun. Jumping off the cliff with you was something I will forever treasure. We were young and happy and crazy and in love. In all of the ways I could express, we were so in love. We started planning our lives together. Moments passed by with nothing on my mind but you.

Days became weeks, weeks became months, and months turned to years. We continued growing, but we also started drifting apart. Our phones contained less pictures of our shared moments and more of the arguments we would always have. We would fight over the smallest things. We no longer had each other’s back; you were not the man for me anymore, but the man against me. And then you would bite my back, the same as I would bite yours. Staying became futile. Fighting became senseless.

We finally grew up. What’s painful is that, in growing up, we also outgrew each other. We started planning without the other. We matured enough to admit that staying together would cause us nothing but more pain. We grew up to the point that we know, somewhere while we were still growing, the love was also outgrown.

I am on my own now. I lost my best friend and you lost yours. And as painful as it is to let go of what we are used to, we can admit that this was destined to happen. That we were meant to say goodbye. That we have outgrown something that we thought would last.

We were kids then, and we have grown up.