We Were A Match Made In Hell


Everyone tried to have me believe
That we were a match
Made in hell
That there was no point,
That even if I got out yesterday
It would be too late

You laughed them off
And asked me to stay,
Told me that I wouldn’t know
Unless I took a chance
And therein you taught me lesson one
On trust.

When we made it a distance
Everyone was surprised                      
You laughed at them yet again
Told me people would always talk
And therein you taught me lesson two
On confidence.

Then I messed up and tripped over my feet
Falling for you, of course.
You laughed at me this time,
Told me to suck it up
And therein you taught me lesson three
On holding my head up with a smile

When the road became rocky
And I needed a comforting whisper,
An ‘it’ll be okay’,
You gifted me silence,
And therein you taught me lesson four
On befriending the voice inside my head.

When night fell I stumbled in the dark
I thought you’d give me a hand
Or maybe instead just hold mine in it.
You didn’t,
And therein taught me lesson five
On lighting my own candles

Six, seven, eight, nine
And then I started to see
That you weren’t really trying to help
This wasn’t love or friendship or even humanity
And therein you taught me the lesson
On taking care of me

It took everything to walk away
Trust that I could do this
Confidence that I’d be okay
Head held high
Kindness from the friend
Who I’d learned lived within

Part ways with you I finally did
Scathed from it as I was-
You got away taking with you
The biggest piece of my heart

Still. I thank you-
You completed me.