We Never Protect The Woman


The whole country was watching the case between Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford. In 1991, Anita Hill had to testify against another Supreme Court nominee: Clarence Thomas. Human beings did everything they could to make sure that America wouldn’t take the perpretrator’s side.

But we did. It’s ludicrous to explain why, but people who have power enjoy abusing it. Fighting for human rights never ends though. We have a glimmer of hope. Jason Porath has this website called “Rejected Princesses.” One of the women he discussed was Timoclea. She threw her rapist in a well. The aftermath of her actions resulted in a meeting with Alexander the Great. He believed her. This was in 335 B.C. How is a sexual assault victim believed from thousands of years ago as opposed to today? How is that even possible?

The Me Too Movement isn’t going away. Babi Christina Engelhardt was a 16-year-old model who had an 8-year relationship with Woody Allen. Rose McGowan is speaking out about Harvey Weinstein.

We should be thanking Tarana Burke, the woman who started the #MeToo Movement back in 2006. The hashtag became viral in October 2017. She used this platform to help African-American women. She has also been through this.  Today, 91% of women who suffer through sex crimes need to have more support.

How many more women will go through this trauma until the world listens and wakes up? We still have a President that has been accused of sexual assault. He hasn’t been impeached for any of his heinous crimes. The public has to work together to make women feel more safe and secure.

Think of every mother, daughter, sister, and other female relatives who lives with this stigma every day. Think of that fear of never being believed that you went through something horrible.