We Lost Ourselves When We Loved Each Other


Being in love with someone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Love is never a problem; humans are.

It’s true that you’ll never know the outcome until you take the risk. However there is no guarantee that the risks are going to be worth it at the end of the day.

We were madly in love with one another. And being in love with your best friend was inevitably the greatest feeling ever. It was comforting to know that we had each others’ back through thick and thin.

However, as our priorities changed tremendously, we became too comfortable in the new routine. The mundane stuff we did felt better than spending time with other people or trying out new things. We were so dependent on one another that having time alone makes us irritable. The constant need to please each other and sometimes, at the expense of our own happiness was emotionally taxing.

Months into the relationship and we could barely recognize our own reflections in the mirror. We became the people we swore we’d never be. The comfort zone we were in hindered us from achieving greater things for ourselves. It’s hard to admit that we both lost ourselves along the way. The sad truth is that we were being stagnant as a couple and more so as individuals for a long time. We tried, but we both know we are better off apart.

There’s no harm in sharing your life with another person. However there should still be a space for personal growth. Being too immersed in the comfort zone is inevitably unhealthy.

We all need time to focus on our own needs. A relationship is supposed to bring the best out of you; not the other way around. As much as you want a relationship to work, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own dreams and desires for it. If someone really loves you, they will be your support system no matter what.