We All Start As A Seed


We all start off as a seed.

We come into this world knowing nothing, we are cared for and loved by the people around us. They water us and they watch us grow. With patience and kindness they persist

Then one day we grow a stem, we are a bit more stable, we can stand on our own but still need the water and the nurturing. The people around us continue to love us and care for us. Patiently waiting to see what we will do next

Before we know it we are a flower, blooming in the sun, we feel like there is nothing stopping us, we have reached our full potential. We no longer feel the need to be nurtured by the people that brought us up from that little seed.

However you see, the thing is without the nurture and care and water we would still be that seed in the ground. we wouldn’t feel warm, when the sun goes down it’s hard to rest when you are wilting away, thirsty for love and affection, wanting someone to help you grow you bloom.

Sometimes when we bloom, we push our nurturers away and it becomes to much. We try to bloom on our own but we no longer, we don’t have a foundation. We are wilting. We shrivel into the ground, planting another seed for the cycle to go on.

People are like seeds, we begin knowing nothing, then we know a little, then we know more than we think. We shine so bright no one thinks we need them anymore or even worse we don’t think we need their love.

That’s not true, without help you’d be lost, if you were never nurtured as a seed you would never bloom as a flower. So help the seeds, give them water, but always remember to help the flowers, help each other. Don’t let each other wilt. Be there together, bloom together, you might even become a tree, and that’s the place we need to be in this world.