Watch Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes


You don’t have to be at death’s door to watch your life flash in a series of moments, truths, experiences. Take a moment and do it. It’s incredible and surreal; you are living a much more beautiful life than you’ve probably ever noticed.

See yourself in moments you’ve laughed with friends, as the setting sun turned everything golden. See yourself doing that thing that completely terrified you, but you did it anyway. See yourself smiling and taking the hand of the person you fell in love
with. See yourself crying, heartbroken. Moments of fear, moments of solitude. Moments of beauty, hope, strength, pain, and doubt. See the people you love, see the places you’ve looked upon, the dreams you’ve chased.

What have you done? Who have you been? See yourself when you made a mistake; what did you look like? Immerse yourself back into these moments, feel them, each one, as they pass in front of your eyes like a movie reel. See yourself laughing, carefree,
happy, in moments you wish you could hold onto forever. See yourself in moments you are glad have passed, that hurt you and changed you. See the people you’ve touched and changed, for better or worse.

Let them keep coming. What you are is made up of these moments, a string of them, stunning and inspiring and terrifying in their magnitude. Some might draw tears, some may pull a string tight around your heart until you feel like you can’t breathe. Others may bring a smile to your face; let your heart be filled with happiness while sadness wells in your eyes until the two are entwined in a beautifully poignant harmony. Because all of it is you, your life, and it deserves to be noticed.